Microfiber Towel- Yellow

Microfiber is a "Must Have" and one of the True Innovations in Detailing

Tips: Microfiber towels have particular care requirements due to their unusual cleaning properties and composition. As you probably know, microfiber is excellent for dusting and scrubbing because of the static-charged, woven fibers. The combination of polyamide and polyester is incredibly strong and soft, and microfiber towels absorb 7 times their weight in moisture!

For such a technologically advanced fabric, proper care is surprisingly easy. No fabric softener, no bleach, no heat - that's all you have to remember!

Wash your microfiber in the washing machine with detergent only. Tumble them dry on low heat or no heat. High heat will literally melt the fibers while fabric softener and bleach will eliminate the electric charge that makes microfiber so effective. Avoid those three laundry habits, and your microfiber will last indefinitely.

You might be wondering which detergent is best. Almost any detergent is suitable, but some are better than others. The primary concern is detergent residue; you want a detergent that is clean-rinsing. Powder laundry detergent very often leaves a soapy residue in fabric, and many liquid detergents contain strong perfumes and fabric softeners right inside the detergent. That's great for clothes, but bad for microfiber.

Your best bet for clean, functional microfiber is Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. This is a clean-rinsing liquid detergent formulated specifically for microfiber. It contains no bleach, fabric softener, or perfumes. It does, however, contain surfactants and emulsifiers that remove stains from microfiber better than your average laundry detergent. Water softeners prevent hard water deposits within the fibers. Your microfiber towels and tools will come out of the dryer as soft, clean and magnetic as they were when you bought them. Try our Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator for your microfiber cleaning!

Even if you have other clothes that could stand to be dried on low heat, don't put them in with microfiber. The static nature of microfiber will attract every bit of lint from other garments. Wash and dry microfiber separately. NO DRYER SHEETS!

Tip: If you do wash your microfiber products in the washing machine, throw used ones in a separate bin from the regular laundry. This will prevent an accidental mix-up that could result in useless microfiber!

Microfiber Towel- Yellow
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