Jax Wax Super Blue - 1 gallon

Jax Wax Super Blueis a High-Gloss Conditioner which Helps to Prevent Fading, Cracking and Other Harmful UV Effects. Super Blue will restore fading and bring back the Brilliance of All Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl Surfaces. Because it is solvent based, it has a strong odor, and should be used on the outside of your vehicle only.

Jax Wax Super Blue can even be used on Damp Surfaces with Excellent Results. Super Blue is Long Lasting - this product Will Not Wash Right Off Like Water-Based Dressings. Jax Wax Super Blue also offers Excellent UV Protection, and Dries Completely - Will Not Stay Tacky After Application.

Super Blue offers Great Protection on Vinyl and Convertible Tops, Tonneau Covers and All Trim, and will not stain painted surfaces. Because it is solvent based, Jax Wax Super Blue stays on your tires and will not sling up while driving and even stays on after several washings!

Directions and Quick Tips:

1. Super Blue can either can be Sprayed on Applied with an Applicator.

2. Wipe Off Excess Product to Achieve Desired Finish

3. Let Dry and You're Done!


For a very high shine, simply spray the product onto the surface, such as tires and let dry. To lessen the shine, apply with an applicator and wipe the product to desired finish while it is still wet.

For tires and trim, we prefer to apply the product with an applicator instead of spraying to cut the time of wiping off any over-spray, and does not waste the product.

When applying on a large, flat surface such as a vinyl top, convertible top or a tonneau cover - apply with an applicator. Start with overlapping straight strokes and then go back the other way in criss-crossing patterns to ensure even coverage.

A couple of thin, even applications will restore and bring back the brilliance of faded vinyl trim.

Jax Wax Super Blue - 1 gallon
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