Jax Wax Scratch-Free Wash and Detail Bucket Organizer Kit

Contains Everything to make Scratch-Free Cleaning and Detailing your ride easy...Just Add Water!

Even includes an Air-Tight Resealable Bucket to Easily Organize and Carry your Detail Goodies with you on the go.

Your Detailing Bucket Includes:

Jax Wax Wash N Wax Soap: A High Viscosity Soap that is designed to "Sheet" during the rinse process in order to reduce Water Spots on the finish and aid in even drying.

Microfiber Wash Sponge: Gentle on Your Finish. A Very Soft, Deep, Plush Pile that Helps Float Dirt Off.

Jax Wax Bug Zapper: Safely Remove Bugs from All Finishes Without Scrubbing, Rubbing or Compounding. Simply Spray and Wash. It Doesn't get Any Easier than This!!

Jax Wax Streak Free Glass Cleaner: Dissolves the Toughest Smudges, Smoke Film, Scum, Smears, Bugs, Tree Sap and Other Soil from Glass surfaces. Contains No Ammonia and is Safe for Tinted Windows.

2 Plush 16" X 16" Waffle Weave Drying Microfiber Towels: Extremely absorbent, these waffle weave towels hold nine times its weight in fluids. It can actually be used in place of chamois. The durable "scratchless" (patent pending) piping on this towel will not scratch painted or clear coat automotive finishes.

Jax Wax Super Citrus: Virtually Great for Any Cleaning Task from Degreasing an Engine, Removing Brake Dust from Rims to Cleaning Delicate Interior Surfaces.

Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Wax: The Original Easy On, Easy Off Carnauba - Creates an Unmatched Brilliant, Durable Finish - It's TOO EASY!

Jax Wax Body Shine Showroom Spray Wax: An awesome quick detailer that will give you that "Just Waxed" look in minutes. Simply Spray and Wipe!

Jax Wax Super Blue Dressing The Best Professional-Grade Solvent-Based Dressing Available Designed to Shine and Protect Tires, Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl.

Professional Grade Wax Applicator Sponge

Professional Grade Tire and Trim Dressing Applicator Sponge

2 Plush 16" X 16" Polishing Microfiber Towels: These are a "Must Have" and one of the True Innovations in Detailing

Professional Grade Resealable Air-Tight Detailing and Wash Bucket: This Commercial-Grade 5 Gallon bucket has a resealable Gamma-Seal Spin Off lid that also makes it easy to organize your Detail Goodies when you are on the go. Also makes a great seat!

Grit-Guard Insert for Scratch-Free Washing: The Science of Washing Just got Better! The scratches and swirls on the surface of a vehicle are usually caused by improper car washing. Dirt and grit from the vehicle's surface are trapped in sponges and brushes. Designed to save you time, money and hours removing scratches caused by improper washing. Separate the Grit from the Sponge.

Just Add Water!

Jax Wax Scratch-Free Wash and Detail Bucket Organizer Kit
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