Jax Wax One Step 1 Gallon


Jax Wax One Step Polish and Cleaner is an agressive polish that begins working like a compound and will remove many moderate to heavy surface imperfections. 


As buffing continues, One Step's unique abrasive system breaks down into a finer polish.


This metamorphosis enables you to compound, polish and protect in one easy step.


Works especially well on clear coats. 


Also works well to remove oxidation from painted surfaces.


Jax Wax One Step Polish and Cleaner works equally well with a Buffer or By Hand.


Directions for Buffer Use: 


    1. Shake well before using and occasionally during application. 


    2. Use a Wool Pad for Moderate Imperfections and Foam Pad for Light Imperfections.


    3. You may use a Wool Pad First and Switch to a Foam Pad as Surface Improves. 


    4. Apply Evenly to a Cool Clean 2' X 2' area.


    5. Begin buffing Slowly using Light to Moderate Pressure.


    6. As polish begins ti dissipate, gradually use less and less pressure.


Directions for Hand Use:


    1. Apply a Small Amount to Area.


    2. Using an applicator, Rub Effected Area Until Desired Results are achieved.  


Jax Wax One Step 1 Gallon
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  • Manufacturer: Jax Wax
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