Jax Wax Interior Detail Kit

Jax Wax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner

A Professional-Strength Formulation not found in Retail Products, Excellent for Cleaning ANY Surface made of Vinyl, Leather or Plastic. Knocks out the Toughest Grime, Dirt and Stains with Ease.

Jax Wax Velour Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

The days of Endlessly Scrubbing Your Carpet, Floor Mats and Cloth Upholstery with Shampoo are Over. This Product Packs an Awesome Punch to Effortlessly Clean Dirty, Soiled Areas Easily. Jax Wax Dash Vent MagicThe Time Spent Cleaning and Dressing those Hard to Reach Places like Dash Vents and other Hard to Get At places with Special Brushes, Q-Tips and Compressed Air is Yesterday's News. And it smells like Cotton Candy, an added benefit!


Jax Wax Streak-Free Glass CleanerDissolves the Toughest Smudges, Smoke Film, Scum, Smears, Bugs, Tree Sap and Other Soil from Glass surfaces. Contains No Ammonia and is Safe for Tinted Windows.


2 Plush Microfiber Towels


Professional Grade Applicator Sponge


Jax Wax Shine All Dresing and Protectant, An Extremely Versatile Water Based Dressing and Protectant for All Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Surfaces.

Jax Wax Interior Detail Kit
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  • Manufacturer: Jax Wax
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