Jax Wax Detailing Clay Bar Gray (Fine)

Make sure you choose automotive clay and not synthetic clay. There is a difference! You can buy a $100 bottle of wax but if your finish is not clean, you are just wasting your money!

Try this Test:

The next time you wash your car and you think you have a clean surface, take a piece of plastic or a baggie over your fingers and rub it over your finish. If you feel "bumps" these are contaminants that you can't see.

Then "Clay" your finish. The clay bar is an easy alternative to buffing or color sanding. After claying, try the test again and it will feel 'Silky Smooth" and have a higher resolution of shine, allowing your car's finish to stay cleaner longer; more healthy and vibrant. Then, after applying your next coat of wax, your finish will look even better.

Other than removing contaminants you can't see but feel, clay will remove:

~ Paint Overspray ~ Road Tar ~ Tree Sap and Mist ~ Airborne Contaminents ~ Bug Residue ~ Rail Dust
Bird Droppings and a Lot More!


1. Liberally Lubricate a 2 foot by 2 foot area - we recommend Jax Wax Body Shine Don't be concerned about making a mess - it will wipe up just fine!
2. Tear off a small piece of the clay bar. The reason that you want to use just a piece of it is because if it hits the ground it will pick up contaminents such as dirt that could scratch your finish. This way you don't waste your whole clay bar if that happens by accident.
2. Applying Minimal Pressure, Rub the Clay Bar over the Work Area - Let the weight of the clay bar do the work. You will feel the contaminants being picked up through your fingers. You will tell by feel and sight when the surface is clean. Keep turning over the piece of clay, continuing to fold the clay into itself to get to a fresh piece. Once the piece of clay becomes dirty after folding, throw it away and grab another chunk. Tip: If the clay is not sticky, it is time to get another piece of clay.
3. Remove the Excess Lubricant with a Clean Dry Microfiber Towel
4. After You are done, Protect the Cleaned Area with a coat of Wax
5. Enjoy the Results!


Be patient, expecially with over spray - the clay will pull it off the finish - take your time.
Don't treat it like you would sandpaper - it is our natural tendency to use clay with pressure - don't do it - let the clay lift the contaminents from the surface - don't apply pressure.
Do a little section at at time. Don't make it a "project". Break it down into small sections, keeping it fun! For example, do the hood one day, front fenders the next, etc.

Jax Wax Detailing Clay Bar Gray (Fine)
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